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Eclectic Art In SW Ranches, FL

Discover distinctive eclectic art from SW Ranches, FL, by a painter with a unique voice. Audi creates colorful, distinctive paintings that speak to the soul. She considers God to be her muse, and she often focuses on spiritual themes. She began her career selling fantasy art by consignment in Chicago. While much of her work still retains a fantasy flair, she works in a variety of artistic media, and her works range from wall art to scrimshaw. Her goal is to help people experience peace, love, serenity, and Zen-like calm through her paintings in SW Ranches, FL.

Eclectic Art In SW Ranches, FL


Pareidolia is the ability to see images and forms in random or abstract patterns. A classic example of pareidolia is the tendency to see faces in clouds. Audi makes creative use of pareidolia when painting, and the result is often different from her initial idea. She believes that God steps in to help her give the work its final form. Her process is very spontaneous but is based on more than 60 years of experience.

Wall Art

Audi began creating wall and ceiling art in SW Ranches, FL while caring for her mother. She painted the sky on the ceiling, as well as a park scene with a bench with a 3D tree complete with bird feeders and birdhouses so that her mother could enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors without leaving her bed. She even attached real branches to the wall in order to complete the 3D effect, while also putting stuffed birds in said branches. Audi now creates beautiful wall art for clients throughout Broward County. Contact her today for a consultation and purchase a custom piece of art. New gemstone wall created by Audi. Soon to be coming citrine, amethyst, ruby, emerald, and opal. Starts with turquoise. Starts with turquoise. See the home page.

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